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Jenny, the Horse with a Heartwarming Daily Stroll

In the bustling city of Frankfurt, Germany, a heartwarming story unfolds every morning, one that has touched the hearts of both locals and animal lovers worldwide. Meet Jenny, the extraordinary horse who embarks on a daily journey, all on her own, to connect with her human friends. For 14 years, Jenny has been brightening the streets of Frankfurt with her unwavering devotion to a cherished tradition.

Credit: Keith Anderson / Facebook
Credit: Keith Anderson / Facebook

Each morning, as the sun rises, Jenny takes to the streets of Frankfurt, following the same path she’s known for 14 years. What makes this daily ritual truly special is the purpose behind it. Jenny’s daily walk is a tribute to her owner, who, at 79 years old, can no longer ride her.

As Jenny follows her familiar route, she’s greeted by countless friendly faces along the way. Locals, who have grown to adore her, eagerly anticipate her daily visit. They offer her treats and shower her with affection. To the community, Jenny is nothing less than a celebrity, and they gladly embrace the responsibility of cleaning up after her.

Credit: Keith Anderson / Facebook
Credit: Keith Anderson / Facebook

Dangling from Jenny’s halter is a simple note, which reads, “My name is Jenny. I didn’t run away, I’m just walking. Thank you.” This little message serves as a reminder to those who may not be familiar with her story, that Jenny’s daily journey is a conscious choice, not a runaway adventure.

Though locals are well-acquainted with Jenny’s routine, the police frequently receive calls from well-meaning but uninformed citizens who are concerned about the horse. However, for the past 14 years, Jenny’s presence on the streets has been nothing but peaceful and familiar, without a single incident.

A local veterinarian provides Jenny with regular checkups, ensuring that she remains healthy and content. Despite her unique lifestyle, there is no sign of anxiety. Jenny is a testament to the harmonious relationship between humans and animals.

Someone even wrote a poem about her:

“I’m Jenny the horse, and I’m taking my stroll,
I do it each morning – it’s good for the soul,
To follow a path that’s familiar each day,
It’s safe and rewarding – I like it this way,
I once had a human who rode on my back,
Unable to ride now, there’s skills that he lacks,
But I know he likes this same walk that I take,
It’s what he would want – Now, his memories I make
He knows where I go, as I greet our old friends
And so, in his heart, knows his ride never ends
And when I return to him, he’s waiting there
It’s the best I can do, to show him, I care.”


Every morning in Frankfurt, Jenny embarks on a journey that’s not only a tribute to her owner but a reminder of the profound connections between humans and animals. While she might be “just” a horse to some, to those who understand her story, Jenny represents loyalty, love, and the enduring impact of shared memories. Her daily stroll is a touching lesson in the power of unwavering devotion and the indomitable bonds we share with our animal friends.

Photos via Keith Anderson

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