The 7 Falsehoods of the Captive Dolphin Industry

Exposing Deception

Unravel the hidden truths behind the multi-billion dollar captive dolphin industry. Delve into the web of deception that perpetuates this cruel trade, and unveil the reality that dolphins deserve to thrive in their natural habitat.


Lie of Education

Captive facilities argue they contribute to conservation, but these dolphins aren’t part of breeding programs to replenish wild populations.


False Happiness

Performing tricks might seem like joy, but captivity strips dolphins of their natural behaviors, causing physical and psychological distress.

Camouflaged Health Issues

Captive dolphins often suffer from ailments masked by their artificial environment, hiding the true toll captivity takes on their well-being.


Illusion of Choice

The confined spaces in which dolphins are held offer no real choice. Their lives are controlled by captivity, masking the reality of their suffering.

Veil of Research

Claims of conducting scientific research often provide cover for commercial interests, diverting attention from the harm inflicted on these sentient beings.

Misleading Welfare

Conditions in captivity rarely mirror natural habitats, yet the industry cloaks the captivity-induced suffering under a guise of proper welfare.

As we expose these seven lies, we shed light on the inherent cruelty of the captive dolphin industry. It’s time to reject the facade and advocate for the well-being of these magnificent creatures, allowing them to flourish in their rightful home – the wild oceans

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